Red Hot

Burning ring of fire
Hunka hunka of burning love
great balls of fire
in songs love is a flame
me, I’m just a straw man
easy to knock down, no brains, flammable

My girl, the prettiest thing in the only bar in town
She never gave me the time of day
but late one night Guns ’n’ Roses was playing
the air smelled of beer and having to get up early in the morning
through the stale cigarette smoke
her eyes lit on me

Sparks flew
hardly any money
nothing much in the sack
I had nothing for her but my heart
I gave her all I had

Her daddy was a backhanded slap
Her ex was a note left on the kitchen table
Her son, trouble with the law
When she wanted a barn burner
we lit that match
Painted the Accomack County sky in ashes

Our love was 66 fires over five months
our love was a flame in winter but
even in prison grays I still smother
I got a rocket in my pocket and the fuse is lit
she was on fire and I was breathing gasoline
My girl is red hot

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