Last Seen, Seminary South Shopping Center

Open skies beckon in something broader
For this is the ballard of the Forth Worth Three
A trio of girls who may have been lead to slaughter
One afternoon on a Christmas shopping spree

Rumour is they were nabbed by a fiend
Fort Worth, heart broken, was shaken to its core
For they were never ever again seen
After the 23rd day of December 1974

Reports of the ubiquitous white van
One hundred searchers hunt in the water
A mystery note from an unknown hand
Loose ends beckon in something broader

Blue jeans and red tennis shoes
A promise ring tied to a ribbon with a knot
Fruitless circling through tangles of clues
Oldsmobile 98 left in a Sears parking lot

Theories on their lost innocence abound
Every Christmas season they’re news fodder
Rachel, Renee, and little Julie Ann wait to be found
Open skies beckon something broader

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