The Landing: Welcome to Circular Staircase

Best of the Weirdest: We all need a little weird in our lives. Flash fiction (1000 words or less) is fun-size adventures. My short short stories lean towards horror, mystery, true crime-inspired thrillers, science fiction, and quirky romances. Each day, I write taking my readers on brief sojourns with lots of twists and turns. My most promising drafts land here. Enjoy the trip.

Recent Flash Fiction & Poetry

  • The Doppelgänger Diary

    Achoo! I grabbed my head to keep it from falling off. Barking at my sneeze, Mr Wiggles jumped off my bed and trotted down off to the kitchen. “Et tu cane,” I shouted after my Yorkie’s fluffy butt. Ugg, every inch of me ached in novel ways. Ding. I turned my congested head on myContinue reading “The Doppelgänger Diary”


  • Story Time

    It was the gathering time. In ThisPlace, there was a time for everything. Times to eat, times to work, times to sleep, and now was the time to gather and share information. They all adhered to the schedule because planning is life. To keep their island going each person had to do their share, eachContinue reading “Story Time”


  • Call Me Red

    From the cappuccino machine to the wheezy copier to the big warm window sill, this office is my range. After second nap, I thought this would be a typical five nap day but then I caught the sour whiff of anxiety. Stretching from the sunny patch on the conference table, I leapt to investigate. IContinue reading “Call Me Red”