The Landing: Welcome to Circular Staircase

Best of the Weirdest: We all need a little weird in our lives. Flash fiction (1000 words or less) is fun-size adventures. My short short stories lean towards horror, mystery, true crime-inspired thrillers, science fiction, and quirky romances. Each day, I write taking my readers on brief sojourns with lots of twists and turns. My most promising drafts land here. Enjoy the trip.

Recent Flash Fiction & Poetry

  • Tell me a story

    Curl into me, little oneI will keep you safeYour back to my chestYour hands in mineMy arms are the only cradle you’ve knownOur breaths mingle on Auntie’s sofa Tell you a storyIt’s too late for storiesWe have to move again maybeOkay a short oneThe one about the hedgehogWith blow bubble wings andBunny ears no bumblebeeContinue reading “Tell me a story”


  • The Circle

    The dirt driveway sneaked around and up to the Marrow farm. Officer Ravencroft drove up surveying the half rotten chicken coop and worn farmhouse. He slammed his patrol car door. Old Man Marrow watched the cop watching his farm.Without a word Lucan Marrow climbed down from his lopsided porch and headed for the circle.Ravencroft followed.Continue reading “The Circle”


  • Jiggle

    “What’s with the creepy door, Colin?” Rosie asked. “I love all the natural light. Are you on city water or well water?”Malcom glanced up from his phone to scrutinize another cluttered room in his uncle’s new to him house. It was an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Colin had worked some deal withContinue reading “Jiggle”