The Landing: Welcome to Circular Staircase

Best of the Weirdest: We all need a little weird in our lives. Flash fiction (1000 words or less) is fun-size adventures. My short short stories lean towards horror, mystery, true crime-inspired thrillers, science fiction, and quirky romances. Each day, I write taking my readers on brief sojourns with lots of twists and turns. My most promising drafts land here. Enjoy the trip.

Recent Flash Fiction & Poetry

  • Come October

    Tell me bout the childrenAre the girls okayLet little Lucy know I would sew her Spring Fling gown if I couldI wanted torosebud pink with Swiss dotsSpaghetti strapsNo don’t bring them hereI want them to remember Meemaw like I wasLike I’m supposed to beDon’t ask how I’m doin’ Did Bobby and Jack cover the hayFromContinue reading “Come October”


  • Pet

    Dry leaves tickled the side of Paulina’s right cheek. Her mother calls her Lina but she likes it when Daddy called her Yo Pauly in a funny voice. Wishing she was warm on the sofa eating cereal, Paulina is chilly.Wet grass smell with a touch of iron rose around her. Confused Paulina tried to inhale.Continue reading “Pet”


  • 5, 4, 3, 2…

    “Don’t be a little chickenshit, Ashton,” Jordie said.“Yeah man grow a pair,” Drew parroted. Drew waggled his eyebrows at Jordie in a way that he hoped she would find adorably sexy. Jordie wrinkled her pert nose.Aston threw a harder than necessary play punch to Drew’s shoulder. “Quit dick eating bro,” Aston said and left theContinue reading “5, 4, 3, 2…”