The Landing: Welcome to Circular Staircase

Best of the Weirdest: We all need a little weird in our lives. Flash fiction (1000 words or less) is fun-size adventures. My short short stories lean towards horror, mystery, true crime-inspired thrillers, science fiction, and quirky romances. Each day, I write taking my readers on brief sojourns with lots of twists and turns. My most promising drafts land here. Enjoy the trip.

Recent Flash Fiction & Poetry

  • 33

    “He’s a hot dog water salesman,” Luna said in a conspiracial whisper.“Look again mariposa that’s his cover. He travels the country collecting data on nuclear secrets,” Cyrus whispered back. They stole looks at the sleeping man resting near the front. Cyrus’ young handsome face was dead serious. Luna hid her smile behind her hands.“No you’reContinue reading “33”


  • Do Right

    “Uncle Mikey, explain it to me again. Explain it to me like I was five,” Bridget said. She got up from the rocking chair and began pacing around her old bedroom.Michael scrubbed his face and sat on the pink and purple polka dotted bedspread. “Listen, honey, you made an investment in a special kind ofContinue reading “Do Right”


  • Ding

    Ding.Kimmy ran from the elevator and down the hotel’s hallways. Her mind raced for answers. Just a few hours ago Kimmy and Angela eating eight dollar mini bar Twizzlers and bored af. Angela found something cool on YouTube.Subdued abstract paintings zipped past as Kimmy stumble ran to room 931. Why did I do this stupidContinue reading “Ding”