The Landing: Welcome to Circular Staircase

Best of the Weirdest: We all need a little twist in our lives. Flash fiction (1000 words or less) is fun-size adventures. My short short stories lean towards horror, mystery, true crime-inspired thrillers, science fiction, and quirky romances. Each day, I write brief sojourns with a few unexpected turns. My most promising drafts land here on Circular Staircase. Enjoy the climb.

Recent Flash Fiction & Poetry

  • Three Card Monte

    Tell us that you hear our concerns Tell us how much you care Tell us how important our voices are Thank us for coming to share The conversation will continue Say we have to table this motion  Regretfully for a year or two Tell us how much diversity matters Just not as much as vacationsContinue…


  • Kitchen

    shotgun flat with the kitchen in the backshoulders swaddled in the torn toweltight self-conscious coilshold still girlblack hot comb slipping through kinksin the kitchen red hot comb rest in blue flamesburnt hair smoke and Pink Lustre sizzlingcurl beads smoothed into silky tresseslook at this buckshotholding my ear as the comb pullsin the kitchen a tearContinue…


  • The Word

    Together we hurl through this tunnel of beeches and careless mulberries green silence pressing you and me on all sides my fingers drumming the steering wheel what is the word for it trees that keep their dead leaves dry papery offerings to distract deer from eating their bark in the hungry winter I could rattleContinue…