Slay Bells Ring

“Delivery!” Chase’s cheery baritone rang from the half open Dutch back door and flitted around Holly’s kitchen.
Holly startled and tossed a sifter of powdered sugar up into the air. The stovetop, the counters, and her pert nose were all covered in a sugar cloud. She frowned. Chase snickered. She scowled then burst into peals of bright laughter. The sight of Holly, her chestnut hair in a messy bun and her lush curves wrapped in an apron, did something to his insides. He realized he was perv staring and coughed to hide his embarrassment. This afternoon Chase has researched Holly’s background and land holdings but he hadn’t realized how pretty she would be in person.
“I’m sorry to scare you, Counselor. But I managed to find you a tree after all and I thought I’d bring it over right away.” Chase gestured to tied up fir leaning against his broad shoulder.
“I don’t scare easy. I thought you said there were no trees left at your Christmas tree farm. And in fact there were no more trees in all of Silver Bells County. And probably not a single gosh darn Christmas left for sale in all of Montana on Christmas Eve,” Holly said with a trace of a smile on her pink lips.
“Well at Chris Cringle Christmas Trees we believe in going above and beyond for our customers,” Chase said.
“Then you said what kind of spoiled privileged woman tries to buy a tree to be delivered on Christmas Eve in a snow storm. Then you slammed the phone down on me.” Holly put her hands on her hips. Despite the urgent tree request and frentic baking, Holly didn’t like Christmas. She didn’t understand the fuss and bother and unnecessary togetherness but her little girl had asked Santa for only two things, one was a real Christmas. There was nothing Holly would not do for her Angelina.
Chase covered his face with his large work roughen hand. “If I may throw myself on the mercy of the court. In my defense, I was tired from working on my taxes. And honestly I’m just not used to holidays alone without my partner, my Chrissy. I get cranky around Christmastime,” Chase answered.
With Holly looked the big handsome farmer up and down. Angie’s father had been a big man, too. Her late husband had been big and handsome and foolish enough to turn his back on her. Holly’s smile returned and she quirked an eyebrow at Chase. Angelina asked dSanta for only two things, a real old fashioned holiday and a daddy.
“Well I did tell you to eat a bag of dicks so case dismissed,” Holly said. Dusting the sugar from her hands, she walked over to the Dutch door and opened it wide. “the living room is right this way. Help me decorate for my daughter and I have a plate of snickerdoodles with your name on it.”

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