A Bit of Earth

Buried deep under well-loved green hardback
swirled in serifs of gold leaf still bright
Neither dead nor forgotten not lost
but waiting to take root
first a primal crack
a tenacious root pale and hungry
but willing to split rock
finds its purchase
then the unfurling
tremulous trembling green spearheading through sun-warmed earth
there is
green just beneath the surface

before the crack of the majestic oak limb
before grief and mourning becomes grass and morning
before the lush scent of roses wild with thorns after a rain
before any ivy-encrusted stone walls gardens and secret keys
before the shovel caresses the sun-warmed dirt
before the first steps and transformations
before the blooming of the first line on the first dog-eared page
there is
a seed

Photo by Elviss Railijs Bitu0101ns on Pexels.com

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