Manzanita Valley
Maude Starkey
What should I do? I’m just so flustered. I know I’m very stupid about tech stuff that’s why I never go on online or shop online. I tried this one time when I joined a babysitting app to make some extra money for Christmas. But I never got paid through the app and my bank account got froze. So I got rid of that app and they sent me a nice regular checks for my services. No more online for me.

Now I just check my emails and share on neighborWatch. That’s it. So the other day I got an email from eBay saying I bought a jet ski and it has been delivered to someone I don’t know, somewhere I don’t know. A Mr. Bill Stewart at 131 Judy Road, Rock Bend, Montana. I don’t know any Bill Stewart. I knew a Billy Maxwell back in high school he was friend’s with my Artie but I think Billy moved down to Florida. eBay says I owe $10,000 for a used Sea Doo. I had to look it up. I didn’t even know what a Sea Doo was.

I called the number listed on the email for eBay customer service and the nicest man answered and explained that the original charge never went through and I’m on the hook for the full amount. You could’ve knocked me over with a feather! I explained that I never had an eBay account or a jet ski or have I ever been to Montana even when I went out West to see the Grand Canyon when the girls were young. The nice man from eBay, his name is Shelby, told me how bad he felt for me. He talked to his supervisor but he said I was still on the hook because the seller account matched my information, my email. How could it happen to me? You see? I’m stuck. Carefully Shelby explained my liability. Shelby talked to me for hours trying to help me. He explained how my account must have been hacked by hackers and the steps I need to take to get out of this muddle. I just couldn’t understand how this happened to me again.
You remember when I had that problem on Amazon where they said I owed 599 dollars for some kind of fancy vacuum cleaner. The Amazon man made me so confused and upset that I gave Amazon a bunch of my information I didn’t want to give and I bought a $100 Amazon gift card like he told me that I didn’t want to buy. But then Pauline called me and got so mad and made me call the police. I want to call Pauline or even Sarah but they are so busy with the children and their husbands and their jobs and Sarah and Robbie have been having an especially hard time. I know I’m stupid about these things. Really I don’t want to be a bother.
I explained all of this to Shelby. He listened, really listened. Shelby said I was like his own grandma. Shelby said he was going to move heaven and earth to help me. He explained I had to open a real account with eBay but to protect me bank account I should get two $500 Visa gift cards.
Shelby stayed on the phone with me on the whole drive to the supermarket.
I got the gift cards. The cards are in my hand. I’m in the supermarket parking lot waiting for Shelby to call me back and attached these gift cards to my legitimate new eBay account. I just keep thinking about what my daughters would say if I get scammed again. The police were very polite. Last time I had trouble with the internet I had to call the police, the FBI, my bank, then social security. Everyone was so polite, so kind and felt such the fool.
I know I’m stupid. I need advice. The neighborWatch gave me great advice last time. Before Shelby calls me back, what should I do?


  1. barbfedericiyahoocom says:

    I can absolutely relate to being stymied by tech stuff. One of my friends fell victim to a gift card scam. This is so true to life. It’s heart wrenching.

    1. I was inspired by a real life story I read. I’m fascinated by the ways people are making connections differently because of technology. Thank you for reading and sharing. You have no idea how much that means to a writer,

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