What Not To Do When Writing A Poem Based On Your First Initial

Regina, my name, is Latin for queen
Related to regal, regent, and regency. I
Requested from my husband suggestions for my verse.
“Red blood, red rum, red velvet lips,” he mused.
“Reaction, reagent, retardant, reverse, Ricky Ricardo!”
Rapid fire R words
Rolled from his brain
Roiled from his mouth
Ridiculous R words
Reverberated and ricocheted inside my car as I drove.
“Really,” I said laughing. “Stop, please, stop, not
Realm or royalty.”
Rolling my eyes, I returned to the road releasing a river of rrrrs
Raucous into the quiet of the night.
Returning once again to my own thoughts
Regina, Latin for queen, is my name.

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