Love’s Labor’s Last Call

(609) 555-6666
10:27 pm
Tonight will be our last sunset. You will never see me again.
Meet me at our special place. Let us share our last kiss where we first met.

11:02 pm

11:05 pm
At St. Jude’s Cemetery, after all I’ve done for you you can at least meet me face to face. Don’t hide from me through your phone. You can’t unravel a century of love with a text.

11:11 pm
Who dis

11:20 pm
Don’t toy with my heart, Carmilla. I don’t know who I am without you. I just don’t know. Can we just talk it over one more time?

11:50 pm
Dude my name is Josh. This is not Camilla’s phone Stop blowin up my phone

OMG I’m so sorry. I been trying to reach my beloved all day and her girlfriend gave me this number. She must’ve got the number wrong. I’m really embarrassed for bothering you.

Yeah I’m sure it was something like that. I been there. What’s your name man?

My Christian name is Vladmir but I go by Miri.

Look Miri my heart’s gotten broken. I been there. I know that pain, that sadness man. It hurts so bad because you loved so hard you hoped for so much. That person was your person. t’s not my place but you can do for people out of love but you can’t do for people and expect to be paid back. Sometimes you have to let go, some things don’t last forever.

I thought our love was as immortal as we are. I guessed I thought wrong. Sorry again.

No prob bra, stay strong good night.

12:47 am
Yo bra u still chillin by the cemetery

Yes. Just sitting under the pale of the moon wondering why my heart still bleeds for a soulless vessel who broke up with me on Messenger to hook up with some random wolf from the Upper East Side. Messenger?

Yeah guys are dogs and women be vicious. My ex just wrote bye on a rock that she threw through my windshield. She’s old school. LOL Me and my boys are in that neighborhood heading over to the bars and then over to Donnie’s taco truck. We can swing by and pick u up. It’s always better to be lonely with other people.

Really. You would do that for a stranger. You are too kind my good man.

No prob. But you’re not going to bite our necks or something weird that wouldn’t be cool.

Nah, not if we’re going out for tacos.


  1. Mike U. says:

    Absolutely loved this. It had me chuckling in several places. So well written, like all of your work. I always look forward to your posts. You really are a gifted writer. 🙂

    1. Thank you Mike U. That’s the best compliment. Thank you again.

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