Pass the Gravy

The clinking of silver rimmed fine china, the scrape of forks, the family dined.

“Pass the turkey. No, I want dark meat.”

“You took the biscuit I was going to eat.”

“Today’s writing prompt is 10 things you are grateful for and then you write about one of those things,” Kim said. The sounds of eating echo in the dining room.

“Dude it’s just bread. Did you want this one? How about this?”

“I thought I could be inspired by you guys,” Kim said.

“You suck.”

“Tommy, don’t pick the bacon out of the sprouts.”

“Sam, let’s start with you. Name two things you’re grateful for,” Kim said.

Long teenaged silence. “What?”

“I can go.”

“Okay, Toms, what are you grateful for?” Kim asked brightly as the beginning of a headache whispered in the back of her skull.

“More potatoes, please.”

“I’m grateful for basketball and working out.”

Kim’s head rumbled. “Okay, that’s something. And you Sam,” asked Kim.

“Me, too. I am grateful for working out.”

“Well that was one thing.” Kim swept her hand across the table heavy with food. “Is there anything else in the whole known universe that you are grateful for.”

Thoughtful teenaged silence.  “Nah that’s it. Just working out.”

The kids exchanged mischievous looks as Kim rubbed at her eyes.

“Well I’m grateful for my health. My condition is stable. You getting another one of your headaches, hon.”

“Is this fresh orange in the cranberries? ‘Cause canned oranges are a little sus.”

“Just eat the cranberry sauce and shut it.”

Plates passed back and forth. The chatter of laughter and silverware.

“What are you what are you grateful for.”

Kim answered, “I’m grateful for writing and I’m grateful for this my wonderful family.” You guys are great material, Kim thought. Sam rolled her eyes. Tommy stuffed the last biscuit in his mouth.

“You said there was pie, right.”

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