shotgun flat with the kitchen in the back
shoulders swaddled in the torn towel
tight self-conscious coils
hold still girl
black hot comb slipping through kinks
in the kitchen

red hot comb rest in blue flames
burnt hair smoke and Pink Lustre sizzling
curl beads smoothed into silky tresses
look at this buckshot
holding my ear as the comb pulls
in the kitchen

a tear of sweat trails down my nape
teeth of a wide tooth plastic comb carves
swoops of baby hair gelled flat perfection
Are you tender headed baby?
storm clouds of hairspray slick
in the kitchen

oils and pomades, bobby pins or edge control
satin scarves fast bound against the kinkiest kinks
all pressed into service to hide
me and my
short tight coarse coils
in my kitchen

Photo by Jacob M on

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