Oyster Perpetual

“Still or bubbly,” the waitress said.
Avery flashed her a generous smile. “Just a Perrier with lime. Carl pick your poison. The club has an Scotch selection or—“
Carl growled. “Look, this isn’t a social call. I just need to see those financials!”
Avery and the waitress looked affronted.
With its panoramic views of lush golf courses and sumptuous wicker chairs, Wilshire Country Club was unaccustomed to raised voices. A few blue hairs at the neighboring table raised their eyebrows. Avery tossed apologetic glances to the other diners. Carl scoffed loudly.
“Just make that two Perriers and leave the wine list,” Avery said to the waitress. His voice was butterscotch smooth with a touch of levity. Smiling Avery sent her off.
He turned his full attention on Carl. Carl was a hard man. High school lineman and an ex-Marine, Carl was tough but a lot of guys were tough. That didn’t bother Avery. Carl made his first packet wildcatting in Georgia before going into frozen yogurt franchises. Carl was smart and that made Avery nervous. Avery looked down at his Oyster Perpetual. The Rolex was heavy gold with bevel diamonds. Avery remembered how he told Belinda he was meeting an investor when instead Avery was doing a little retail therapy. The sales staff was gracious as he tried on watch after watch. Avery remembered slipping into the Oyster Perpetual, the weight made Avery lighter, more free.
“Let’s stop dancing you’re cute but you not my type. I’ve invested two million in your film licensing firm but I need to see the contract with HBO as well as all the oversees licensing agreements,” Carl said. “This is basic and I don’t see the problem.”
Avery watched the diamonds on his timepiece sparkle in the afternoon light. Carl studied the younger man’s face. Avery looked bored.
“Carl I’ve been transparent with you but I’ll never share that information with investors. I see your uncomfortable, I don’t want anyone to be unhappy, so let’s part ways,” Avery said.
Avery moved his wrist catching the light.
“Wait what!”
Avery patted his blazer jacket for a nonexistent check book.
“No worries, let me return your original investment and your earnings from this quarter and just shake hands.”
The waitress set down their waters. Avery took a long slow drink hoping Carl bought the story. A prism of light from the Rolex dazzled Carl.
“Hold on just a minute,” Carl said.
Avery smiled with relief behind his glass.

Watch Clock” by Ricky Kharawala/ CC0 1.0

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