I tucked my cell into my back pocket and pulled a serious face.
“Baby, the bank has messed up my account. My benefit check got held up so my bank froze my whole account,” I said.
I watched her back she washes the dinner dishes. I can tell by the tension in her neck, the sudden stiffness in her movement that this mark doesn’t believe me. Typical, I thought. This one was a little smarter than my last two girls, a little smarter. After a deep sigh I started weaving my story.
“How can that be? You said you would get me my money—“ she said.
I shouted and slammed my fist into my hand. “This ruins everything. I want to take care you. I wanted to show you I am dependable. I know it has only been a few weeks but we’ve…” I said.
I turned away and buried my face in my hands. My shoulders shook. The woman switched off the water and hugged my back.
She said soft words to soothe my nonexistent hurt. I felt her melt into the small of my back. Gathering her petite frame into my arms, I kissed her hard, dominating her senses. Her legs wobbled ever so slightly. Just as she surrended to my kiss completely, I pulled away. I had been careful to be passionate but restrained. Chicks always think waiting for sex means gallantry. I tucked the mark’s head beneath my chin.
Bump, the kid ran into my legs. It squeezed my legs like a vise. I hid my grimace.
“Hey sweetheart whatcha doing down there?” I said, swinging the child up into the air. She squealed with delight. Kids loved me. I laughed.
“I love kids,” I said.
The girl’s smile blossomed as her resolve drifted.
“Do you like Happy Meals sweetie? As soon as I get back I’m taking you and Mommy out for burgers?”
it squealed again right in my ear. I handed the kid to its confused mother.
“What where are you going?”
I shrugged into my jacket. “I told you babe my bank messed up. I need to go the main branch in Boulder. I told you I need to get your money back. You’ve been so good to me. Let me hold your car Boulder is only 90 minutes away and then you’ll have your money. You want your money right. Then Happy Meals!” I said tickling the kid under its chin.
Confidentally I headed for the front door of her apartment. I reached for her car keys on the wooden rack.
“You’re okay right. You’re cool with this. You trust me baby right.”
I held her gaze and waited. I noticed she was a pretty little thing standing there in her kitchen. Her kid waved bye bye. Eyes a little frighten the mark nodded. Finally light and free, I was out of the door and outside in moments.

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