Me Just Me

Read your post this morning
The one about that thing you like
Gave you a smiley face holding a heart to show you I care
because no one gets you like I do
me just me

Even shared your post on my feed
Though you never share mine
I saw you gave Viv’s meme a thumbs up
must be nice
I follow you on Twitter, on LinkedIn, on the ‘Gram
Follow you to the moon and back
you see my likes
I know you do
we’re only friends on Facebook but
I feel your fingers on your keyboard
soft tips pressing slowly now faster as your spooled thoughts uncoil
zip down your arms through those hands to my eyes
I drink you in bright white letters on jet
you, luxuriate on a mound of pillows laptop perched on sprawling legs on your bed, reaching out to
me just me

be my follower
bookmark my blog
let a laugh rumble in your chest caused by something I wrote
make the slightest moan in your throat agreeing with one of my viewpoints
scroll through me over and over
and let my blue light pierce your circadian rhythm
keep you awake deep into the night
with me just me

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