Soft Words

What’s the word
Lepeop no lepeop suddenly there is a room full of lepeop
between Mandy and me
Where at the what’s the word
the sick people place
yes I remember the headache not a headache
my arms, my legs heavy why so heavy
I remember the red flashing lights on the bambulance
I remember joking with the paramedics
I knew one of the paramedic from my kid’s Little League
it’s the flu, just a really bad flu, man
cold bed thing and a thin blanket
I hear my wife’s voice that’s my wife but I can’t see her
her voice is high and scared
no her voice is calm telling me she is here asking me how I’m doing
then suddenly there are people, tocters and nurses and bright lights
that hurts too bright I say too hurts
woman I love says something
so many questions my arm flings out
my words fall to the seafoam tiled floor
What is happening tell me what is going on
my love is shouting no
soft words come to me her
her hand on my what’s the word
telling me it is going to be okay

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