The Forever Kind

Dear Vaugh,

I know you’ve missed my letters and cards. I admit I was angry. Forgive me baby. I had been so looking forward to Moonlight Boulevard. I wasn’t like those vicious critics always mocking and making nasty little jokes. I believe in your talent. I knew you would break out of the cutesy kid actor phase and catapult into game. I believe in you boo.
We would be going places after your first movie role. We could finally announce our love to the world. It’s been six years of waiting.
Then I saw it. I was first in line at the Coral Glen AMC theater. You kissed that girl that painted hussy. You told me I was special on your show’s ‘Gram. You told me you loved me with that sweet wink you give each week at the end of Haunted Junior High. When I received your autographed photo we both knew our love was the forever kind.

We are partners, Vaugh. We are married in eyes of God and you go and kiss that creature. You’ve stained our pure love for fame. Why baby why? I can’t tell you how I ached. I went over all the fan page texts, the magazine interviews, and the red carpet waves. How can you throw it all away? You wouldn’t. You couldn’t.

Oh Vaugh, that is when I knew it was just a test? This was your signal that it was time to come to you. I’m so glad I triangulated your bungalow’s address based on neighbor photos from TMZ and People. How sweet to use your mom’s birthday for your alarm code! I love you so much. Walking through your house making myself at home. It all felt so right. Those years of watching you helped me read all those secret messages to be just the girl you need. I’m waiting for you now.

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