Did You Hear?

“Dearest, that hat does nothing for you. Don’t make a face I’m only trying to help you look better. Speaking of needing help, have you heard about the Perraults? Where have you been under a bridge? I heard from my girl who heard from the butcher’s that the Perrault girl eloped with a nobleman’s son. You know the one? No not Maelle, she makes men run away. No the other one with the face, never wore a decent frock. No, silly, not Hughette she needs more of of a tent than a frock. No the pretty one, Andre’s daughter not Odile’s pair, that one sold Odile’s silver, bought finery, and convinced a wealthy boy she was a damsel in distress. The little scamp has the big house and the servants and everyone wrapped around her finger. I heard Odile is living on pride. She wears paste jewelry, poor dear. No, Odile won’t say a word out of fear. All she can hope for is the jezebel’s kindness and to marry off her girls with no dowrys. No Andre Perrault didn’t have a sou. He lived off his first wife’s inheritance until he snared Odile. Dear, try this one with the lavender ribbon. Every tradesmen knew Andre was lead painted gold. If Odile had used her head instead of her heart she wouldn’t have fallen to the dogs. What’s her name? No not Ella, or Cinda. Anyways I heard Odile is hoping the little hussy throws her a few coins. That Perrault girl is no better than she ought to be, you’re so right. Some people are just not kind. That hat is worse than the first.”

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