At Fresco Freddy’s

Mona sighed as she slipped into the corner booth. The sparkly heart red vinyl squeaked as she sank into its depths. Fresno Freddie’s was her official third place. Outside of work and home between her favorite second hand bookstore and library the slip of a greasy spoon was her haven. Mona settled MothWoman’s costume in its dry cleaners plastic on the booth’s seat. There was only one all night dry cleaner who handled supers costumes in Night City. Mona learned the hard way it’s too hard to get bloodstains out of wings.
Sasq brought over a steaming mug of half decaf half espresso with heavy cream and a menu.
“We have a special on corn chowder, toots,” Sasq said. The waiter wiggled his thick eyebrows at her in a way both flirtatious and ridiculous. Mona wrinkled her brow and studied the menu.
“I’m thinking of something light but filling. I still have a mountain of work tonight.”
“I got you girl.” Sasq took the menu and headed for the kitchen.
Mona stared into her phone at her to do list. There were fan letters to answer, coordinating with the Sword Network, scheduling to visit town hall meetings. Crime fighting was all details. Five minutes of battling mutant giant cockroaches and twenty hours of surveillance, research, and grunt work. Mona stared out the diner’s window at all the directions her life could’ve taken.
“Excuse me miss is this seat taken.”
Mona smiled up at Emmitt. His dark framed glasses were slightly askew and his thick straight hair was tousled. Mona wanted to know everything about his day everything she missed but they never talked work. Emmitt was a henchman, a super villain’s number one, and he was smiling at her.
“No it’s free.” She tossed her phone into her over stuffed bag.
Emmitt set the KnightCrawler’s cloak of darkness in its bag under the table. Under the table he reached for Mona’s hand. She grabbed his fingers.
“Looks like a nice place. Food good?” Emmitt said meaning he missed her.
“I hope so.” Mona answered meaning she missed him more.
Sasq returned with Filipino egg scramble for Mona and a grilled Monte Cristo extra pickles with tomato bisque for Emmitt.
“I hope you don’t mind, handsome. The chef made an extra sandwich and I thought you might like it.”
“It’ll do. Thanks Sasq.” Emmitt saluted Siobhan behind the grill.
Sasq turned on the jukebox and gave menus to the six top of bingo players. The chef began folding bananas and dark chocolate into her waffle batter. Outside the clouds promised rain and inside the lovers promised everything.

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