“What’s with the creepy door, Colin?” Rosie asked. “I love all the natural light. Are you on city water or well water?”
Malcom glanced up from his phone to scrutinize another cluttered room in his uncle’s new to him house. It was an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. Colin had worked some deal with his not girlfriend’s father to fix the place up in exchange for rent. Every family has that one uncle that everybody loves but no one expects anything good from. Their family had Colin. Rosie searched for good things to say to her big brother. She was failing. All eyes turned to the little door, a miniature five panel matching all the others in the house down to its crystal knob. Malcom returned to his screen.
“Creepy my little door isn’t creepy it’s a doorway to the house’s history,” Colin said.
Rosie nodded pretending to listen as she counted closets and windows. Before she was an online assistant Rosie had tried beekeeping, jewelry sales, and real estate.
“Col is there a half bath on the main floor?” Rosie called out from stairwell.
Malcolm looked around and then grabbed for the tiny crystal knob. Malcom marveled at his giant’s hand.
“I wouldn’t do that, bud.” Colin leaned down close to his little nephew.
“What’s on the other side?” Malcolm didn’t move his hand. A trembling jolt danced on his fingertips and he liked it.
“Nothing except a room exactly like this one. Same rug, same view from the windows, identical in every detail right down to lookalike you and me having this very discussion. So you can’t open it. You can never open it. ‘cause you’re already pulling from the other side, mate.” Malcolm snatched his fingers away. Colin laughed and tousled Malcolm’s curls. “Come along ‘Colm. I’m just fucking with you. It’s just an old asbestos junction box for the knob and tube wiring. That’s going to be a bear, a real bear.”
“Did you say asbestos? I’m calling mom.” Rosie shouted from the master bedroom.
“Chill, Ro. I got it covered.” Colin rolled his eyes. “Malcolm let me show you the attic. It’s flipping epic. I’m going to make it the ultimate man cave. Colin rested a confident hand on his nephew’s narrow shoulders. Malcolm followed his uncle upstairs to the truly epic attic, afraid to look over his shoulder, knowing what he would see if he turned, knowing what only he felt. The little door’s knob jiggled.

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