Dead Ringer

“It’s true bro honest to God. I saw it on tik tok.”
Chris sighed. Denny had a PlayStation, the newest games, his mom always bought Fanta, but he would not stop talking. While sidestepping zombie Rottweilers, Chris made interested sounds.
“You know how you can dial 411 for help even if your phone’s dead or unlock any car with a special phone number?” Denny asked. He was squatting bouncing on his heels. Chris grunted weaving around rogue hordes of the undead. He could hear his mom telling him to be nice.
“So anyways I saw this video where you take on your battery punch in the dead guy’s birthdate and death date and the dead guy answers. Honest to God it works,” Denny said. He was panting. Chris thought he looked like a puppy waiting for doggie treat.
“So I thought you could try it for your mom. You know cause….”
With a flame thrower and sheer gumption Chris cleared the secret research lab’s lobby and headed for the elevator.
“Thanks Den I’m too young to drive.” Chris laughed and confused Denny joined in. The elevator door opened.

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