Rules of Convenience

Hold the door
Always hold the door
Even if the next customer is steps away from the entrance and has to do a little run walk to get to you and you have to kind of weird wait
Hold the damn door
With a smile

Don’t hog the soda machine
There’s always someone waiting
This is not the time for beverage alchemy

Mind your kids
Let’s be honest you know they’re bad
The whole time out listen to their feelings bullshit didn’t work out
I get it we’re all in the same boat
But they can’t camp out in front of the Slushees

The coffee area is sacred
Repeat the coffee area is sacred
It’s not a salon
And you are not Noel Coward
Talk in your car to the people you know
Get your coffee, the sweetener and cream of your desires, and go

Life is simple
People are complicated
Or vice versa but
A well crafted cold sandwich is a sliver of heaven
The perfect bite among the soft pretzels
Rainbows of gummies wave bye bye
Remember to hold the door

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