New Sheriff in Town: the field trip

Marty scrubbed a hand over his shaved and cologne scented face. He hated Mondays and children and today’s bring Your Daughter to Work Day would be a nightmare. Why me?
Lincoln and his five little horrors walked in through LifeWell’s revolving door. Marty’s smile widen as Lincoln approached. Lincoln quirked an eyebrow and they put on their professional faces.
“Mr. Perez it is so kind of you to allow some of my Advanced Biology students to visit your facility,” Lincoln said.
“Well it’s not my company, Mr. Forest, but LifeWell is committed to the future of science,” Marty said, giving the five ten year olds a 1000 watt smile. They stared back at him blankly.
Marty launched into boilerplate speech on founder Trish Tran-Gray and meteoritic rise of LifeWell, pioneer in biologic 3-D printing of organs and tissues. Tilting his head, Marty smiled again at the mini monsters. Lulu one of his staff photographer took copious photos of them.
The group walked across the terrazzo tiles past the expensive artwork towards the gallery overlooking the kidney room.
Mini monster 1: “if you can make parts of people, could you make a whole person? Are the reports of your merger with Quell Computing true?”
“Well it’s possible more than possible to create… artificial helpers, with positronic brains and enhanced skeletons. You know super smart machines to do things too dangerous for regular people,” Marty answered.
Mini monster 2: “we’ve reached the point where AI is indistinguishable from humans.”
Marty chuckled.
Mini monster 3: “excellent point Misha what makes a person a person. With living hearts and muscles and brains aren’t you making people.”
Marty’s smile slipped past his cuff links.
“Not like real people,” Marty said.
Mini monster 4: “so like slaves.”
Marty coughed. Lulu stopped taking photos. The little girls launched into an assault of questioning. Lincoln corralled his students into silence.
“So we’re done here,” Marty said wearily. He turned to lead the little gremlins to the rows of plump kidneys, livers, unbeaten hearts. There were bags of marrow and shelves of skin. LifeWell has an eye room but no one was allowed to see it.
Mini monster 5 raised a grubby hand.
“What,” Marty snapped. Lincoln paused.
“Insurance doesn’t cover gray organs. What happens to the people who need an organ donation and can’t afford it? I feel bad for those sick people. Just bad. “
Marty snorted. Lincoln’s face dropped. The group headed through the swinging doors towards the future.


  1. barbfedericiyahoocom says:

    Wow! This gave me goose bumps!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate you following my writing

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