Best First Date Ever

“And that’s not even the worst thing she even did.”
Magdalena exhaled. She blinked hard not to cry. Randy looked up, down, and everywhere except at Magdalena’s face. She had just told him about her mother, who disappeared for two weeks then returned home with a fake kidnapping story. She talked about the little girl fear and confusion of her mother’s loss; and the confusion and anger of her mom’s return. She talked about the notoriety and the trial and the whispers that followed her even after her moths was gone for good.
“And that’s why I never talk about myself and my past. I grew up the town freak. I’m okay with my crazy but I hate that pitying look.”
They sat in the quiet of a small stream on an arch of flat stones. With a wry smile Randy turned and studied her half face.
“What are you thinking?” Magdalena asked. She could feel the weight of his eyes but she didn’t way to see his look.
“I was just thinking this is the best first date I’ve ever been on.”
Magdalena’s laughter skipped over the surface of the water. Randy scouted closer to her on the rock bridge.
“Look your childhood was a train wreck and I’m a socially awkward dungeons and dragons loving anxiety laden introvert. We met at a coffeehouse ‘cause my pitiful ass was conned by my make believe girlfriend. You could tell me your great uncle was the Alabama leprechaun and I’d still think you were the bee’s knees.”
They exploded into laughter and Magdalena’s shoulder brushed his shoulder. Slender grasses along the crick’s edge tousled by the wind joined in the laughter. The meadow stretched out before them. Magdalena studied him under her lashes. Randy scooted until their hands nearly touched. In the quiet of Magdalena’s favorite place, they talked.
“Bee’s knees, seriously my guy.”

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