The Ascent

As the lemon sun pierced the veil of the sky Godarth knelt to receive the blessings of the fates. He rose his sword Angelus eager to bite. Godarth turned his noble visage and his noble soul to The Ascent.
“Here’s your pack, I put in your ear drops and your special ointment. Don’t forget those drops. The Ascent is notoriously chilly at night,” Vara called out from their tent.
Godarth grunted and returned to the rock laden path before him.
“Did you hear me?”
Godarth grunted louder.
“What?” Vara asked teasingly.
“Yes, I will take your potions. Hand me the pack.”
Petite and heavy with child, Vara dragged the dragon skin satchel from their tent. “Would you like an extra blanket?”
“No need.”
“How about something to read? I have some nice scrolls—“
“Enough!” Godarth’s deep voice cracked like a whip. A flurry of wolravens took to the air in fright.
Vara’s eyes blazed. A small bush behind Godarth caught fire. “Excuse me for caring but your last crusade you got a head to toe rash and your back seized up. I took care of you for weeks!”
Angelus glinting in the sun, Godarth walked through the smoke to the Ascent. A few moments later the warrior of the Great North returned for his pack. With a small shovel Vara buried the bush fire.
“Woman. “
Vara returned to the tent.
“Woman. “
Vara collected the remains of their breakfast.
Vara returned to the tent. Heralded by the Seven and blessed by Queen Nevah herself, the warrior now stood defeated. Godarth bowed his mighty head. The Zande winds raced down the cliffs and shook his shoulders. He opened his eyes as Vara stood before him on her tiptoes wrapping a scarlet hand knit scarf around his neck. The surrounding air warmed and smelt of hyacinths as the witch and the warrior stood together foreheads touching. Godarth patted Vara’s belly and returned to the Ascent. Each step drew him closer to his destiny. Each step his sword grew heavier.
The Zande carried the floral scent with him. “Don’t forget your ear drops!” floated to him on the mountain wind.

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