You take a breath, steady your nerves, and head for the door at the end of the corridor. Each cushioned step whispered a memory.
2Handsum: morning boo
Honeymoon: I love waking up to you.
2Handsum: me 2
Honeymoon: I’m heading out to school. Love you!
2Handsum: 😘

Your palms are sweating. You rubbed shaking hands against your favorite jeans and continued to walk.
2Handsum: what’s good baby baby
Honeymoon: Nothing, just waiting on this bus so I can finally put up my feet. I can’t believe I had to pull another double shift!
2Handsum: wish I was there to rub your feet 2 rub ur everything
Honeymoon: me too. I can’t believe how much I love you and we haven’t even met, we haven’t even seen each other. Can’t we FaceTime tonight? I need you baby
2Handsum: I need u too but my phone still broke I just need sum help
Honeymoon: 😔
2Handsum: I’m good 4 it I mean I want you so bad I can wait 2 see u
Honeymoon: I’ll see what I can do.
2Handsum: I’ll cash app you

You stand in front of the apartment door. You had always been good with computers. It had taken a little detective work to uncover the real person behind your boyfriend’s fake profile. It had taken a little time to find real world addresses, to find the other girls used just like you. It took more than you had to own your mistake.

2Handsum: my bad sum thing came up
Honeymoon: I waited for hours. This is the second time! Is there someone else? Just be honest with me David.
2Handsum: there’s only u princess My mom got sick and I spent the hole night in the ER. No cell service I swear on my mom’s life. But if you don’t believe me don’t love me I’ll walk away.
Honeymoon: OMG how are you doing? What happened to your mom? Sorry baby. How can I help?
2Handsum: cash app me a twenty for a pizza I’ll text u later

Your sadness roiled with your rage. Just this once you had hoped it would be real. You hoped you had been really seen. Valentine’s Day gifts, red roses, walking on beaches holding hands, instead of a happily ever after you were another joke. Never again you thought as angry tears leaked down your cheeks.

Honeymoon: good morning sweetie 💋

Honeymoon: I haven’t heard from you in a while. Guess you’re busy. How’s your mom? Can we text tonight?

Honeymoon: speaking of moms my mom is pissed about the money I took. The money I took for you. Could you send me back a little? I love you.

Honeymoon: please
Honeymoon: please
Honeymoon: I miss you

You knocked on that door.

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