New Sheriff In Town: The Necklace

Myrtle stood quietly in the CSI office. The sleek gray walls were bare. Storage pods sat unopened. On a bare stainless steel table, there were a satchel. Myrtle turned to the lab tech, a 2000 Sutton model.
“May I be of assistance, Chief TwoAxes?”
“What’s your name?”
“I am a Sutton forensic trained tech—“
“Please, what do you call yourself?” Myrtle asked.
“Ninette, my friends call me Nin.”
“May I have a pair of gloves, Ninette?”
Myrtle’s attention returned to the handbag, She accepted the gloves and snapped them on. Carefully she went through the purse’s many pockets. This was Ryan’s purse. Ryan, an Android waitress, a girlfriend of Ross Devlin, a frightened woman, was the only witness brave enough to stand up to the Devlin Brothers. Ryan was missing and this purse was all that was left of her. There was a key clip, ID fob, a few credit bracelets, a handmade necklace clearly made by a child, a photo cube of baby pictures, several different human babies. Myrtle remembered Ryan had been a surrogate before the uprising. She looked at the photos. Myrtle went back to her son’s first day at school. She remembered making him scrambled eggs and toast. She had shown up an hour early to wait by the school door. Django ran into her arms holding a bead necklace he had made just for mommy.
“There was nothing. No DNA, no prints human or Android bar codes. Same with her vehicle where this purse was found. As if the whole vehicle was scanned by an agricultural sani-light.” Ninette backed away.
Dr. James Randolph bustled in. “Greeting Chief. It’s like I told you on the vid, This is the gray’s I mean Android’s purse but there nothing here. And like I said these Androids come and go. They have no ties, you see.”
“Thank you Dr. Randolph. I’ve taken up enough of your time.” Myrtle gave Ninette a thank you smile.
Myrtle stepped out of the CSI. She already knew the Devlin Brothers working under the protection of FlorCo has eliminated. Myrtle reached in her bag to finger her son’s necklace. Now she knew why her witness had been so scared and so brave. Ryan had a child. She was raising a human child. They had to find that child before the Devlins do. The fire in her belly caught anew and blazed. Letting out a long calming breath, she took off the gloves.

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