The SUV inched through the night. Stu drummed on the dashboard. Ronnie watched for deer and killer potholes. They had only been dating for a few months and every day had been torn from a steamy romance novel. With Stu, Ronnie was a wallflower who took off her glasses loosened her bun and turned suddenly into a hot. When Stuart invited her to visit his parents she knew they were taking things to the next level.
“I hate these country roads. Quit clowning and navigate. Why do your folks live out here any way,” Ronnie said clutching the steering wheel.
“My girl is red hot,” Stu sang at the top of his lungs.
“Are you sure this is the right road? I’ve never been tout this far.”
“Your girl ain’t diddly squat!” Stu managed to sing even louder. He gyrated in the passenger seat snapping his fingers.
Ronnie kept one eye on the death road but glanced at Stu again and again. Stuart was beautiful, no not just beautiful, perfect. Flawless skin, terrific abs, and unbelievable bright blue eyes, Stu flashed Ronnie with a dazzling smile. Ronnie’s Stu stroked her lush thigh.
“Turn right here sugar plum.”
Ronnie pulled up to the gate of the darkened warehouse. Whistling rockabilly, Stu hopped out of the car and unlocked the gate’s padlock with a titanium key he always wore around his handsome throat. Ronnie stood by her car frozen in fear. There were stacks of dirty mannequins, piles of torsos and legs, a storage container of blank eyed heads.
“Aren’t you coming with me Veronica? There is so much more I could show you.” Stu extended his perfect arm to Ronnie. “Don’t you love me?”
He was even more beautiful under the moonlight. She remembered his lips, his eager hands, their nights together.
“Oh hell no!”
Ronnie climbed back in her car and locked all her car doors. Gravel sprayed from her tires as she peeled off. When she was a girl Ronnie never played with dolls. Ronnie never asked for dolls. Ronnie didn’t play with dolls because she knew they turned alive at night. She knew two things never trust a doll and know when to leave.
On slowly stiffening legs Stu walked back to the derelict building. His sexy shoulders slumped as the sound of his lovely girl’s car fade into the night. The warehouse doors opened. His family of plastic and plaster welcomed him home with unmoving outstretched arms.

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