Skybridge to Endora

“Daddy, where does that go?”
The city was a cacophony of sounds and colors. Passers-by bundled like packages in winter coats and scarves hustled up and down the city streets. A river of cars rushed between traffic lights. Carter looked both ways for traffic and then grabbed his daughter’s hand to cross the street. Snow began to flurry down.
“Daddy!” Norah shouted, stopping dead in the middle crosswalk, hands on her hips, legs akimbo.
A Tesla laid on the horn. Norah gave the driver a blistering stare. Carter lifted her with one arm and carried her to safety of the nearest corner.
“What, baby girl.”
With exaggerated patience Norah asked, “What magical place does that secret bridge take you to?”
Carter followed her pointing finger. He sighed and massaged his temple.
“Sweetheart, that is not a secret bridge. We can see it. What’s the secret. It is a sky bridge. It’s simply a way to connect two buildings. Carter pointed.
“This used to be a hospital complex. Staff could deliver materials between the wards.”
Carter turned to face a crestfallen five-year-old.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, I just wish there was still magic, you know.”
Carter chucked Norah’s tiny chin. The two walked hand and hand to the subway station weaving through the crowd. Snow crystals landed on their shoulders.
“You there still is magic.”
“Are you going to tell me about the social system again?” Norah gave her father the stink eye.
“Solar system, no I was just thinking of this lady I knew she had a secret. She was a witch.”
Norah’s eyes grew wider.
“Yeah that’s right a witch, a good witch, well mostly good. She lived among mortals and kept her powers secret from them all except her mortal husband. But trouble followed her and her mommy caused trouble and helped her out, too. It’s complicated.”
Norah’s legs skipped to keep pace with her dad’s long strides. Her eyes sparkled with wonder.
“Tell me more.”

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