Queen of Hearts on King of Spades then Jack, the cursor moved quickly flipping electronic cards covered in dancing pineapples. Ring, ring.
“Southern Pennsylvania Association of Superheroes and Paranormal Entities, this is Claudine.”
“The world is going to end tonight….” The voice trailed off into hysterical laughter.
“Okay is this Alien Technology or General Supervillain,” Claudine asked her eyes glancing over to Seven of Diamonds.
“I will rain fire upon your cities and the legions of Hades—“
“All right, let me transfer you to our Hell mouth department, please hold.”
Claudine moved the Seven to Eight of Clubs, then switched to Word to create an agenda for the next Human Flight Training committee meeting and opened a Zoom for the Junior Clairvoyants.
Oscar slither walked across the lobby and plopped three of his arms on her receptionist counter. Claudine hated that.
“Looking good, Doll face. Would you like to take a walk during lunch? A little light cardio does a body good.” Oscar wiggled what she guessed were his eyebrows at Claudine.
Claudine wished she could explode things with her eyes. “Isn’t there a big mailing scheduled today? At least that’s what Blackthorn said this morning that and something about casting a spell to make someone calamari if the pension statements don’t go out on time.”
Claudine offered Oscar’s retreating back her broadest smile. She switched back to her Solitaire game uncovering a red two. The cards began to bounce cascading across the screen. Winner again. Ring ring.

“Southern Pennsylvania Association of Superheroes and Paranormal Entities, this is Claudine.” She cradled the hard plastic against her ear and shoulder while switching from Klondike to Spider.
“Hello Miss, I’m a retired Sup and I wondered if the Association covers eyeglasses.”
“Good morning Captain Nautilus let me direct you to SuperHuman Retiree Benefits.”
“I know I had them last week.”
“All right, sir. Now have you checked the online member portal.”
“Or last week.”


  1. Mike U. says:

    This had me grinning the entire time! You have such a smooth style and you write so well no matter the subject. I’m glad I found your blog. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. I wish I had the words to describe how touched I am by your comment. I appreciate the support from others writers.

      1. Mike U. says:

        It’s my pleasure! Best wishes for Christmas from Colorado, USA. 🙂

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