An awkward silence lays awake between the warm sheets. Joseph wrapped his arms around Millie’s waist pulling her closer. “Don’t worry it happens to every man once in a while.” Millie is answered by a soft volley of snores.


“I love you so much. That’s what’s important,” Millie said as Joseph pretended to sleep.


“No, I’m fine. I just like being held,” Millie said to Joseph’s back.


“Don’t worry, you’re just over tired,” Millie said.


“I said, I am fine!”


“Umm, maybe you should like, talk to someone.”


“Wait, I didn’t even get my clothes off.”


“Maybe we should go talk to someone.”


“Is that it? No, I meant that was great, really. I have to get to work early tomorrow anyways.”


“It’s not you. It’s me. I need some space.” Space away from you, she thought. Shocked Joseph reached across the café table to hold her hand. Suddenly Millie grabbed her coffee mug and became fascinated by the scene outside the restaurant’s window. Joseph studied the turn of head, the set of her shoulder. He gestured for the waiter to bring the check.

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