Moira twirled in front of the bathroom mirror. Her bohemian paisley dress hung loosely on her elvish frame. She shut out her tongue and then raced to her bedroom closet. From the other side of the Jack and Jill bathroom Kat watched her sister while pretending to play with her phone. Moira returned to the bathroom with a red sweater and an orange argyle cardigan.

“What do you think?”

“Oh are we speaking to each other now?”

“What do you want me to say. I said I was sorry if you’re not going to believe me I don’t know what you want me to do. I had just found out I was elected class president and a lot of people wanted to congratulate me and—“

“And I was one of those people, your sister, and you pretended you didn’t even know me, your own sister, to walk with the “cool” kids. You know what, whatever. I don’t care. It’s not even that deep.” Mumbling angrily Kat pulled her black hoodie over her head and rolled over on her bed. Moira stared at her little sister’s back furious she was making her feel bad. People called Kat and Moira Irish twins; they were eleven months and a million miles apart.

“Just because you’re happy being a loser nerd weirdo, doesn’t mean I want to spend the next four years of high school being boring. My bad I want to have fun,” Moira mumbled. Moira held the sweater up to neck then the cardigan then the sweater. Tomorrow she had to give her acceptance speech during assembly and bring the cupcakes. Moira pictured herself in front of all those people, the words dried in her mouth, her knees swayed. Suddenly Kat was behind her.

Her little sister was a head taller than Moira, thick, dark skin, beautiful without even trying. Her little sister was super smart and really fast. Kat could have been a track star or captain of girls’ basketball. Kat could have ruled the school as a freshman but no she liked to wear black, draw comics, and hang with her nobody best friend all day. Moira had to work hard for everything she got. She had to fight to be seen. No one understood how hard it all was. Kat’s hands braced her sister’s arms holding her up.

Moira opened her eyes and she and Kat looked into one another. Kat shook her sister playfully.

“First this isn’t working. I’ll pick out something that doesn’t make you look like a busted Strawberry Shortcake,” Kat said. “Next let me hear that speech.”

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