Slip Out Of the Night

Rafe gave the newcomer a friendly smile that didn’t reach his eyes and then returned to swabbing the bar top. Wrapped in a trench coat with a fedora pulled down over one eye, the slight woman came in out of the night.

“What can I get you, sweet—“

Rafe met the woman’s eyes and his words died on his lips. The bartender backed up, grabbed his phone and keys from under the bar top and hurried out of the front door. The woman pulled her coat’s collar tighter around her face.

“What is this a morgue of something? Rafe! Where’s that good looking hunk of eye candy I pay to wear tight jeans and pour weak drinks?” Kasper cackled and her trio of bodyguards joined in.

They settled into the corner banquette. The newspapers called Kasper, The Godmother of Green Street and the Unfriendly Ghost. Her lackeys called her Jabba the Gut but only behind her back. The stranger called Kasper a spider. Kasper had her tendrils in every shady operation on the East Side and in every local dirty politician’s back pocket.

“Hey Rafe you back there?” Kasper called again.

Kasper caught sight of the stranger alone at the bar. Slowly the stranger stood and turned to face her. Kasper hissed.

“Tru, I thought you were dead.”

“I don’t die easy. And I had a debt to pay.”

Tru took off her fedora revealing a fresh angry scar running down her forehead. One of Kasper’s thug began to stand but Kasper squashed his motion with an inpatient wave.

“Listen money doesn’t have to be a problem. Loosey was a nobody. Lubvitz was an idiot. Killing them was like smashing a roach under my red bottoms. You’re smart and an organization like mine always needs smart people. Identity theft, money laundering, oxys you name it and I can cut you in for a piece of the pie.”

“Louis, only his friends called him Loosey.”

Kasper stilled. Blood drained from her face.

“He knew he was going to die. He died to protect me. It’s Loosey I’m repaying.” Tru raised her arms slowly as police officers poured into the bar guns raised. Kasper the godmother, the deal maker, the queen pin, spluttered in rage as she was handcuffed.

Tru replaced her hat and headed for the back door. She headed for the police surveillance van that had been recording Kaspar’s confession. She headed into a long night of questioning and official statements. Tru pulled her hat low over one eye and headed into a new day.

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