The Wrong Turn

Plates clatter on the dining room table. Chairs scrape across the oak floors. Cousins laugh as they race around the sofa. Pat and Pearl drive down the highway.


Mary Grace sets down the turkey. Uncle Joey applauds and loosens the belt on his favorite stretchy pants. Little Sophie kicks Taylor under the the kids’ table. A car horn jolts Pat back into his own lane as Pearl searches for a familiar landmark.


Jerry carves the bird. Nikki and Omar roll their eyes at Uncle Joey’s jokes. As the sun sets, Mary Grace stares out at the driveway nervously. Pearl strokes Pat’s shoulder as he takes yet another exit.


Uncle Joey snores in the easy chair. Omar pretends to watch the kids as he plays with his phone. Jerry turns up the game. Over the kitchen sink, Nikki and Mary Grace argue over what to do about Mom and Dad. Pat and Pearl hold hands in the dark as they head back to the highway.


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