Coming Attractions

“Danny, Danny, over here, Danny,” Em hooted.

The movie theatre swaddled me in darkness. The air was close with the smells of buttery popcorn and anticipation. This is it, yet another long awaited blockbuster of two dimensional comic books turned into two dimensional action heroes. Juggling the sodas and snacks, I crept down the red light lit thickly carpeted aisle looking for row D seats 32 and 33, looking for my best friend Em. After countless movies and a lot of bickering we came to the conclusion that row D seats 32 and 33 were our favorite seats in this our favorite theatre in this our favorite multiplex. As I carefully maneuvered into our row Em waved her arms at me.

 Even though the curtain was still down, a few audience members shushed her. We gave the shushers a well practiced stink eye and then ignored them. We’ve come to this theatre since we were kids back when the seats were splintered wood and smelled of ancient cigarettes.This is our place and we would not be shushed.

“Nice whisper you got there, real ladylike, Princess,” I said as I claimed my seat.

“Bite me, Big Boy,” Em countered and mock punched my leg. She took the refreshments while I wriggled out of my heavy coat. She handed me back my soda and helped herself to a handful of my popcorn as I helped myself to her pretzel bites. Our heads bent together conspiratorially as we slipped each other contraband red licorice and sour gummy bears smuggled in her purse and my cargo pants in the dark. I inhaled Em’s sweet scent with hints of cocoa butter and cherry vanilla lip gloss.

The curtains parted and the screen sprang to life. From the corner of my eye I watched Em’s face glow from the light of the coming attractions. Her arm snuggled against mine on the shared armrest, her fingers rested on my wrist. Em turned to me.

“Excited,” she asked.

I sipped my soda hiding my face.

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