One Book Leads To Another

Despite my bloggy silence I am still writing as well as doing some research on hoarding to recharge and inform a certain story I’m wrestling with. Despite my struggles, I haven’t given up and I feel encouraged that I will write the knots out my tangled story or die trying.
Thank to my writing group for support on my journey and here is a sample from the last meeting, which I think I will refashion as an ending for another mired story.
Stay tuned.

I love everything. I love the sidewalk, especially after it rains and smells of mud and dry earthworms. I love these rocks these pee splashed egg round rocks right here along the driveway. I love love the patch of long grass by the side of this house, yes, it’s dryer towel warm and soft and I can keep an eye on that cat in that window. I inhale the crisp blades of grass–a bright, sharp, candy sweet, rolled newspaper smell–nosing them left and right, no cat, right and left, no cat yet. Turning circles in my favorite napping spot, I knead the lawn until each blade was folded into the ideal sleeping position, and then I settle in.
The whine of a car trunk opening wakes me. The nice lady with friendly hands is carrying suitcases, then boxes, then trash bags. Raising a wiry eyebrow I watch and wait. The other lady, the get out my yard lady, comes out now, carrying some clothes on hangers. The nice lady with friendly hands grabs them from her quickly. I watch for a fight. Their eyes are angry but arms stay loose and limp. Slowly I walk to the car door, my head low and cautious.
The nice lady returns carrying the little girl who throws rocks. The girl is sleep heavy with pink wet lickable cheeks. I could smell the salt on her face. She puts the girls in the car.
“Hi, Bubba,” calls the nice lady, her eyes moist and kind.
I wag my tail enthusiastically. My whole bottom wags from side to side. The nice lady smiles at me but no head pat, no belly rub. I watch her car drive out of the driveway down the road past the hill, gone. I eye the other lady wondering if I have to move on, but she is smiling too. The screen door shuts quietly. I notice that cat is watching now with an angry flicking tail. I turn three times left and three times right to annoy her then I fall back to sleep.

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