Keep On

“Language is to the mind more than light is to the eye.”
William Gibson
I was on such a good run with my writing but lately my imagination has collapsed into a shuddering heap. On the doors of my office cabinet where I keep my computer and supplies I have beloved quotes on post it notes and random scraps of paper. Whenever I used to hit writer’s block while working on articles I would look around me for inspiration. Lately since I tend to write on my mobile devices I have taken to saving quotes in my notepad. Here’s my latest quote and below is the first paragraph of my latest story. Hopefully I can prod my imagination of the couch and finish it soon.

Legs akimbo, Isis paused in mid grooming to spy a small, chartreuse spider crawling down the window. The spider scurried back up the curtain rod and Isis stood and stretched in one fluid, languid motion. After curling into a perfect crescent on the window seat, Isis settled down to sleep. Through nearly closed eyes she watched Kathleen’s fingers move across sheets of cool smooth paper, she watched the tendrils of the creeping jenny make shadows on the wall, she watched where the floors met the walls, then she watched Kathleen again listening to the scratch of her red hard pencil on the smooth smooth paper before closing her eyes to sleep. The child was nearby. Isis swiveled her ears in the direction of the stairs just beyond the door. Suddenly a scream, small and sharp, ripped through the room. Isis flashed under the plant stand, ears low and wary.

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