The Circular Staircase

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Dead of Winter

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  • Come October
    Tell me bout the childrenAre the girls okayLet little Lucy know I would sew her Spring Fling gown if I couldI wanted torosebud pink with Swiss dotsSpaghetti strapsNo don’t bring them hereI want them to remember Meemaw like I wasLike I’m supposed to beDon’t ask how I’m doin’ Did Bobby and Jack cover the hayFromContinue reading “Come October”
  • Pet
    Dry leaves tickled the side of Paulina’s right cheek. Her mother calls her Lina but she likes it when Daddy called her Yo Pauly in a funny voice. Wishing she was warm on the sofa eating cereal, Paulina is chilly.Wet grass smell with a touch of iron rose around her. Confused Paulina tried to inhale.Continue reading “Pet”
  • 5, 4, 3, 2…
    “Don’t be a little chickenshit, Ashton,” Jordie said.“Yeah man grow a pair,” Drew parroted. Drew waggled his eyebrows at Jordie in a way that he hoped she would find adorably sexy. Jordie wrinkled her pert nose.Aston threw a harder than necessary play punch to Drew’s shoulder. “Quit dick eating bro,” Aston said and left theContinue reading “5, 4, 3, 2…”
  • Snack
    Click, clack. Leaving Carmella’s in her wake, Dru clicked home to her fifth floor walk up on her weary heels. The night sky had begun to bleed dawn. This late in the evening turning to early morning meant the city was empty as a sarcophagus. She wished she had eaten. Dru walked more quickly. AhmarContinue reading “Snack”

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