The Circular Staircase

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Dead of Winter

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  • Good Crust
    The sack landed on the counter with a thud. A dusting of white flour puffed across the cool marble counter. There are only five things no six you need for the best pie crust. All purpose flour, none of this fancy cake flour just regular flour, Mae thought as she reached for the good mixingContinue reading “Good Crust”
  • The Night Train
    It was the smell that gave it away. The soft sweetness of decayed wood thicken with each step. I’ve been gaming since I was nine. I’d practically lived in VR during high school. My husband Charlie and I used to play before life got too busy. I’d heard a few of my coworkers whispering aboutContinue reading “The Night Train”
  • Fish in the Microwave
    “Goddamn, who cooked fish in the microwave?” Det. C.J. Hamilton shouted as he walked into the station’s break room.Looking over the crossword page of her newspaper, his partner Ramona Shay shot a glance to the fridge. Desk Sergeant Beck was bent over looking for something in the back of the freezer. Beck turned to faceContinue reading “Fish in the Microwave”
  • There Goes the Neighborhood Chap. 2 A Wolf in Tweed Clothing
    A white-colored house in a white-flowered garden perched at the top of a hill. With its grecian columns and reserved mullioned windows, the palatial estate was much more of a fortress than it ever was a home. In the white-colored house behind one of its mullioned windows overlooking the long steep driveway, a woman stood.Continue reading “There Goes the Neighborhood Chap. 2 A Wolf in Tweed Clothing”

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